About Us

Georgia Infrared is an infrared service and consulting company based out of Augusta, Georgia. We provide infrared inspection surveys of electrical and mechanical equipment, and building envelopes to diagnose moisture intrusion, energy / heat loss, and deficiencies. Georgia Infrared uses high quality FLIR Systems’ cameras and reporting software for inspection surveys and consulting projects.  FLIR is the world’s largest manufacturer of infrared cameras, thermal imagers and thermal imaging camera systems.

Georgia Infrared is owned by Billy English, a Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer Certification No 66525 from FLIR’s Infrared Training Center, who has been performing infrared thermography inspections since 1998. Billy holds a State of Georgia Electrical Master’s License and is highly trained in Arc Flash/ Shock Hazard Protection.

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Contact Billy English to answer your questions regarding your Infrared Program or to start one today!

Mobile: 706-799-0445
E-mail: wtenglish@knology.net

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